Pale Blue Moon: December 2005

Friday, December 02, 2005

Finally I wrote in my blog again!!!!!

Well I finally decided that I thought it was time that I used my blog...(you cant' leave a good one to collect dust)... so well alot has happened scince the last time that I wrote. I went to district band on barritone, I've done the people's faire and sold alot of my bead work and three of five paintings, I've talked to all of my family on the phone... all of their birthdays have pretty much passed. Well life has been good. Auntie julie came down, uncle rudy let me use a new barritone, my friends and I made awesome costumes, the phantom of the opera... I was the phantom. You know i really thought I would have more to say but I don't. I guess I just quickly summarized it. Hello everyone.
Bye everyone.