Pale Blue Moon: September 2005

Sunday, September 11, 2005

For the first time in ages....

It seems like it's been forever sense I wrote... ok it's been awhile get off me (kidding, but it has been a long time) Alot had happened since I wrote last. For instance I've startedc the eight grade, have mostly awesome teacher's, exept for my band instructor... ewwww!! Everythings been fine. Two weeks ago my great aunt tille past away. I'll remeber everytime she came she brought me a dollar... we'll remember her. That's her up there.

(I stole this picture form your blog)

My summer was labor day was good, adn the week that followed has been good excluding a pile of algebra homework I had to bring home.

The smell of chile is everwhere and I'm thinking.... allergies. Yes I know I live in New Mexico and I'm allergic to chile. I also don't like it... okay slap me know. Oh lastly I'd like to give my condolances to the Jones' for the loss of Cookie... I only met her once but she was an awesome lady. I'm sorry guys.

Well I'll get back to writing daily now.