Pale Blue Moon: January 2005

Monday, January 03, 2005

A New Year

Gone is the year as simple as the tide from the sea
2004 felt as if it were a soft breeze through the summer
months leaving traces of happiness and also those of sorrow
Gone is the year like today will go and become the morrow
Where has it gone and why did it go at a pace so rapidly
as in the darkness we lay and stare wondering you and me
Forever just a memory of what has been and what happened before
Forever gone is the year of 2004
On with our lives as always we do and never stop to think
that all our lives the new years go in what seems like a fatal blink
But this new year we have found that the world has not changed
anything but the date
The world is the same in this year as it will be the rest of our lives
So blessed are we to stay here to see two thousand and five