Pale Blue Moon: October 2004

Friday, October 08, 2004


Today we went on a feildtrip to the planetarium an Santa Fe it was pretty fun but it was sort of boring because we saw the same presesntation at the planetarium in ABQ. It was a break from school though and when the nine of us that were allowed to go, got back t school thirty minutes before it let we got to go to the gym and watch the Volly Ball tournaments. That was pretty much my day. Oh three of us who were talking to instructor got A tour of the back of the control room where they have the telescopers and PC's set up to control the presentation. It's amazing how if you focus the telescope at any part of the sky during the day the computer can filter out most of the light and show you were the satrs are right as your looking up. The bus we went on waas super cool there was a TV and a DVD palyr for every row of seats ,a bathroom, phones and overhead stereos with headphones so we could all listen to cd's. That was the same bus we took on the twetny some ski trips last year and I hope they take it again this year. All your ski gear fits in the overhead compartments.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004


What I said in the lst entry was that I was head baritone but there is no head baritone because thers only three of us and we're all about as good.

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Tuesday, October 05, 2004


We've been over run with rain here. Our school is flooded because 90%
of the schoolgrounds are concrete.If you read this aunite julie say hi to evryone from me including Sancho and Lola. The mountains behind the house are completlety coverd in snow. And Go figure my grandfather decided to cut the oats in the feild right before the rain started. But now Im sitting here looking at the sunset out of the office window. And down the meadow I can see that the river has filled up quite a bit. Unfortunately with the rain comes cold and with cold comes lots of blankets and th heater alwatys on full blast. Aunite Jul I bet that you haven't had to fire up the fireplace at you house yet. Well today we came home and there was smoke coming up from over the hill as we turned past the gravel pit and when we stopped at grandma's sure enough she had the wood stove going. Well that's about it. Friday I havea trip to the planetarium but I'm not looking forward to it all that much espescialy because we saw both of the presesentations during summer camp this summer. Well that's alot of news on a rainy day.


As of today I am the official head barritone of the MMS band. Mr. Boettcher, my drama instrutor has also decided on coaching us with a great pruduction as you probably have know called " Much ado about nothing. But my langauge class has been somewhat discreety odd due to the fact that a large bubble of rain swoll the wall and burst. As a reasult of this the class is in the library which is terrible because you can't really study with the constant coming and going of people checking out books. And just something that came as a last minute I was selected along with three other students from the district to design and build a robot for the NM mesa class.

Monday, October 04, 2004

In case you were wondering

Throughout my blog you will see pictures of scenes from my favorite movies like this one. So just thought I'd let you know before you asked why is ther a picture of Jim Carrey in a tutu, no I don't know him.


Hi,just writing my first entry to tell you that I'm glad to have a new blog. I apologize to those who go my old one for switching but I set it up so quickly that I
forgot the password. Anyway I hope you enjoy reading this at anytime you want.

Cody Romero